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Poland has one of the most stable economies in Europe

Poland has one of the most stable economies in Europe
August 12, 2015

Sources from the NBP confirm that the increasing of the polish GDP in the last few years has contributed for a better position of the polish economy amongst all the world economies.

Economists from Polish National Bank (PNB) estimate that the current year and the next two years there will be an increase on Poland’s GDP at a level of 3.4 to 3.6 percent. The director of the Economy Institute of PNB, Prof. Andrzej Sławiński also points out that the Polish economy has been in the way of sustainable growth for a long time now.
The “Report on Inflation” from July, elaborated by the Monetary Policy Council emphasises that, amongst the 11 indicators that European Commission uses to evaluate the existence of deranges on the European Union countries, last year in Poland only one value was out of the safety margin. This places Poland in one of the most stable positions in terms of macroeconomics in Europe. At the same time, Poland has a positive balance in the Export/Import (first time since 2004), to which contributed largely the surplus on the external relations commerce. Moreover, according to updated data, the unemployment rate reached values lower than the minimum recommended, with a record level of employment and stable productivity growth, thus restringing the unitary employment costs.
Source: Polish National Bank